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Bubblegum Conspiracies

i am a child of morpheus

14 October
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I used to be an auror, but I decided to flout my education... and look at me now! Who says school pays off?


Age: 28
Profession: Ex-auror, lead singer for band Children of Morpheus, lover of hot chocolate and strawberry syrup. Member of the Order of the Phoenix.
History: grew up with a muggle father and pureblood mother. After awhile her hunger to know the wizarding side of her family took over, and she went to make amends with her uncles and aunts. She is now on speaking terms with her cousin Draco, and even sang with him for awhile, but she's afraid of her Aunt Narcissa and cannot yet get away with calling Lucius Malfoy 'Uncle Lucy'.
Personality Quirks: Everything, from her sense of dress and style to her infatuation with bubblegum.

Journal maintained for the rpg black_curtain. I am not Tonks, or Gwen Stefani.